Heartbreaker's 99¢ is a hypercharged cry for help
We're loud. But sometimes we wanna get hyperloud. Listen to our fav new hyperpop artist Heartbreaker.
Heartbreaker – 99¢

Heartbreaker is a rising hyperpop star from NYC. His music often makes use of new synthesis technology and focuses on (you guessed it) "human relation to technology, celebrity, and love".

Heratbreaker's tracks can be gentle like Deep 6 or sentimental like Laboratory (listen to both below). The new single 99¢, however, is a hypercharged cry for help. The composition channels the feeling of intense need for love and emotional attention from your partner. It is the sonic equivalent of a bottomless black hole that you keep falling into, with lights blinking around you, when that need fails to be satisfied.

The song is really simple in a lot of ways, it's about having a crush in the same way a teenager does, the life-or-death gravity that feels like it accompanies it. It's kinda hysterical and borderline in a way.

I decided to make reference to things like abercrombie and arizona and even visine bc these r all items you'd have found in my teen crush's house, the tangible parts of desire
I think it sounds vulnerable musically because i very much wrote it, especially the chorus where the singer starts wailing, in a way that was reminiscent of how a teenager who was opening their DAW for the first time ever would write it. I used a default piano sampler preset to kind of highlight this. When you first start writing music, it's less about sound design, it's more about throwing out your raw emotions, and i found the naive sound of that very charming.

I wrote the lyrics over the course of a few weeks in December. I knew AI would be singing the song and I had this idea in my head that went "baby, i can see the 5g bleeding through the ivory, everything inspires me // baby i've been feeling needy, i need you to need me, everything feels easy", and the second half of that just felt very honest and understated so I took that bit and reworked it and then built the song around this idea of this insane need.

the line "shivering like lightning" is another one of these callbacks to 2013 internet culture, to the song Carmen by Lana Del Rey, where she sings "she's still shining like lightning". I think that ephemeral, glittering thing in a person is what makes them ultimately a crush for me. it's ineffable, but it's like a glint that threatens to disappear immediately