Boo's "i see a halo" Feels Different Every Time You Listen
Boo's "i see a halo" feels different every time you listen to it. It's a piece of ambient electronica merging organic and synthetic sounds and her sincere autotune-tinged vocals into an ocean of calmness and self-reflection. Is it a storm coming from the distance or a storm being born within? We asked Boo how she wrote the track, or rather how the track wrote itself.

'i see a halo' explores themes of desire and forgiveness. It was made in my mum's kitchen. I felt isolated from everything and very alone. I turn to music when I need to feel better.

There was a full moon shining through the windows that night and the idea was down in just under an hour, it just seemed to write itself. I collect a lot of samples and have a sound palette which i tend to draw from. I'm very interested in sounds, especially those that sound dusty or feel like they belong in another realm. I tend to set an atmosphere first and write from there, using crumbs of instrumentation to build the track, layering sounds.

The lyrics were impulsive. I start sometimes singing and it doesn't make sense but I figure it out as I go. When it feels right, I just stop. Im obsessed with Burial, his work has the ability to hold you!

The track is out on Ratface Records. All my love to them for supporting and guiding me.