WEIRDO's "CAN'T WITHOUT YOU" Is Filled with Raw Emotion
Josh Christopher has been known to create massive waves of buzz with each release of his project WEIRDO – just to disappearly mysteriously shortly after. On new single he teams up with hitmaker A7S – to deliver once again. The magic ingredients to "CAN'T WITHOUT YOU" are raw emotion, huge bass, jangly guitars, soulful vocals and what might be WEIRDO's catchiest hook yet.

Josh Christopher
This song was written with my friend and fellow songwriter Alexander Tidebrink when he was in Berlin a few years ago in 2017. He has since had a big hit with Topic (Breaking Me) which went platinum in more than 12 countries! Universal was asking me to write with a lot of people at that point in time, and offered me a fairly big deal, but I was so busy and enjoying my work, and battling a few other things like a sour relationship that I just couldn't focus properly. I didn't commit to them in the end – I wanted to stay independent for a little while. I love that me and Alex clicked right away and the chorus for this came from nowhere. I find the ones that aren't overthought usually end up being my favourite songs.