"Stained Glass Curtain" by Conflict at Serenity Pools Is Relaxing Yet Deep
On its new single LA-based project Conflict at Serenity Pools effortlessly combines chill dreamy guitars, relaxed vocals and sunny melodies to craft a hazy summer atmosphere.

The song draws inspiration from the concept of collage, both in artistic creation and in the way we live our lives. The aptly named single "Stained Glass Curtain" beautifully conveys the idea of piecing together diverse elements that may not initially go together well, mirroring the artist's own creative process of crafting songs.

The collaboration with artist June, who contributes as a co-singer on "Stained Glass Curtain," adds an additional layer of depth to the track. June, currently battling disease, brings her unique artistic perspective to the song. Her textile work and collage tendencies align with the band's overall theme, and her involvement further reinforces the idea of finding beauty and meaning even in the face of adversity. The song serves as a reminder that beneath the chaos and shadows, there exists a tranquil ocean of stillness, love, and happiness.

I think the song is mainly inspired by the idea of collage, both in terms of art making and also living. The idea of putting things together, piecing them, things that might not always fit. I relate to this in how I write and record songs.

My partner and I both live and make our things in a small place and she made this curtain that she called stained glass curtain. It's different colored fabric from different eras sewn together and made into a curtain and when the light goes through it it has this stained glass effect. I love looking at it. We both live in a kind of small space and we also make our things in this space, and so sometimes it's quite congested, but despite us sometimes bumping heads we feel quite a happiness in our flows.

The chorus line is directly inspired by a David Lynch video that came to me one day where he talks about an all pervading happiness below everything. Also the co singer on Stained Glass Curtain is a good friend and artist named June who is fighting disease right now. And I think I knew we'd be collaborating as she sang on one of our recent singles Mellow and Shiny. And so I've been thinking about her too. She works in a medium of textile and also has these collage tendencies.

And thinking of her fighting something that's life and death I felt drawn to this deep truth that even in times of unbalance and maybe darkness, there is a truth behind the shadows and in the depths. I sense that there is this calm ocean of stillness, peace, love, whatever you want to call it. And it is quite a happy place despite the noise above
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