Eli Moon's "Phases" Is a Real Banger
After two chill R&B ballads perfect for late night rides, Eli Moon, one of London's finest young vocal talents, is back with a banger. We asked Eli to tell us about London's influence on his latest neon-tinged single "Phases".

Eli Moon
Phases is the beginning. Phases is the end. Phases is the moment I realised I didn't need to stay in darkness and could finally see a small light at the end of the tunnel. Living in London, it's easy to get lost; lost in the rat race of humanity, constantly fighting just to keep up with the uncompromising pace of life.

That's something that really influenced the sonic and tempo of this song. The synths when paired with the drums create a feeling of relentless marching, and my wailing vocal in the hook emulates that common ''what if it never changes?" feeling that we all experience as Londoners.

I guess the biggest thing that I took from writing this song, was that in expressing my discomfort...I was able to see how my situation could change. Regardless of how unforgiving life can seem, it is always possible and never too late to make change. It enabled me to take control of my life and to make choices that are governed by my intuition.
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ELi in rainy london
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