Loud Sounds 12
Cover photo: cover art for "changing landscapes" by Fluid Armstrong
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the twelfth installment of the series.
Fluid Armstrong – Soft Collision

Fluid Armstrong is a Helsinki-based electronic music producer and DJ. His latest single "Soft Collision" is hard to describe without involving contradicting epithets. It is disturbing and relaxing at the same time, and the artist himself describes it as "more nocturnal than gloomy", but certainly "dark". "My music," he continues, "often includes melancholy and dark tones, although I mainly try to write songs full of hope and joy."
His other cut "changing landscapes" is the same mix of contradicting feelings. It's this quality that escapes definition that makes Fluid Armstrong's music so interesting to come back to.
Cholosus – Wait for Better Days

Cholosus is an electronic musician originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but now based in Stuttgart, Germany. His new track "Wait for Better Days" is a powerful piece of ambient music with a deep bass that the artist himself describes as "deep drone swells shifting through a symphony of emotion". Cholosus says his music is "mostly intended for relaxation, sleeping, learning, meditation or anything where the listener could take a small break to dive deep into my music and to connect with his inner self".