Loud Sounds 15
Cover photo: Jake Whiskin – Running on Fumes video
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the fifteenth installment of the series.
Class Vee – Where Do We Stand

The new single from Class Vee packs the sadness that comes with uncertainty into shiny layers of 80s synths, monumental drums and reverberated guitar licks. The song is catchy in a quiet way and emotional without showiness.

Class Vee
Well, first and foremost I love writing about real things, things people experience, good or bad. I like to put it in a way where people can say "Yes, I've been there" or "That's exactly how I feel".

Where Do We Stand is about any connection where its future is unknown. More specifically, the reason I wrote it is because you go out on dates and you feel things are going great. But you're still waiting a while at a time hearing from the person. But this person is clearly attracted, so what's the deal?

And as far as the music, I love the 80s. Class Vee means whatever class of music I want to make lol. I'll be doing different classes of music, but most will have a vintage/retro vibe to them because it's what I love. And the bass in the song and the energy behind it made it fun to write. The producers are from Finland, and they've got color in their production which I think the listeners will always enjoy.
FOURA – Come Over (Bootleg)

FOURA's unofficial remix of Jorja Smith's excellent single Come Over is a gem on its own. It's super funky and undeniably sad at the same time. The "I wish I could read your mind. I don't know if you want me to come over" sample that the track is built around feels incredibly lonely in this new context, which gives the composition deepness that makes the best dance music so universal.

The creative process was first recreating the chords in the original – Jorja Smith – Come Over. Then I played with shortening the notes and making them stabs for variation. I wasn't sure where the track was going at this point but once I made the stabs I thought – delicate rave, let's go. I made the bassline from the chords and built a Reese style bass to give the track some grunt and offset the delicate nature of the top end. I chopped up two breaks and played with vocal snippets from the original, with a healthy amount of delay, and it was pretty much there! This was one of those that fell together really quickly.

I was actually bedridden at the time recovering from surgery and had a studio setup on wheels over my bed. I was inspired by missing DJing and missing the rave. The perfect place to listen to it would be at kick ons with close friends, or during the afternoon when the sun is out, or the rave, tbh, it feels nice in a few scenarios. :)
Jake Whiskin – Cold Morning

Jake Whiskin's Cold Morning feels deeply personal. The song is just Jake's voice and piano, with some additional barely audible noises in the background. The topic is a heavy one, but Cold Morning is a comforting listen. Read Jake's comment about how sharing this song to a friend and getting his encouragement helped open new creative doors for him.

Jake Whiskin
Cold Morning is a song about loss and how time moves on for everyone else but you just feel stuck in that mourning for years. It was a very bleak time for me after I lost my Dad, I was working super early mornings at Starbucks in the middle of Leeds and this probably manifested itself on an early morning winter walk to my shift. This was the first song I wrote years after he passed. My confidence was pretty knocked, so I kept it close to my chest for a while. Later I visited a friend in Brooklyn and after a few beers one night on his rooftop I finally played it out loud – he was really encouraging so I figured it couldn't have been too bad and started to write some more.
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