Loud Sounds 16
Cover photo: Joel Forsberg – Vaggvisa cover art
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the sixteenth installment of the series.
llawgne – Feelingz 4-Ever (BOYLIFE Remix)

llawgne is Mathias Engwall, a songwriter/musician/producer from Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2021 he has released Nevereveries, an album definitely worth your attention. One of its standout tracks is Feelingz 4-ever, a song that combines sincerity and vulnerability with "angst-ridden energy of older post-punk". Recently the song has been remixed by Croatian-based DJ collective BOYLIFE. The remix brings out the more joyful side of the original, still retaining some of its sadness.

The original song is about relating to other people, and the differing levels of sincerity and emotional investment we put into relations to others. Are we being nice to each other because we genuinely like each other or are we just being polite? Am I going along just to not hurt somebodies feelings? Though we feel feelings all the time, we don't always know how to handle them.

The music for the original came fast and spontaneus. I wanted it to have this angst-ridden energy of older post-punk. When I sent it to BOYLIFE I really had no instructions for them. Having heard their work, I already knew they would make something special.
They stripped away a lot and dug up things that are buried in the original mix and made them take center stage. Keeping the melancholic vibe, but changing it to half-tempo made the remix much more contemplative and chill than the original. The traditional house-music dramaturgy and magic rework of the sparsely edited vocals makes this track really stand out. BOYLIFE are geniuses.
Make sure to also check out the original.
Joel Forsberg – Vaggvisa

Joel Forsberg is a Swedish electronic musician and producer. He is about to release his next album Det lilla klivet, det stora rivet on his own new-founded record label Egoljud in May 2022. The first taste of the album is the dreamy singleVaggvisa. The track's instantly calming bass part, synth chords and bells induce a certain trancey state, akin to lucid dreaming. But the main hook is, of course, the vocal melody. It feels so different and out-of-this-world that Joel didn't know how to approach it properly for a few years. Read the song's story and listen toVaggvisa.

Joel Forsberg
The track started with the main vocal melody. It was something that I had been humming in my head, almost like a mantra, and it came out in a very intuitive way. I recorded that line as well as the harmonic parts and layed out the beats probably in one day. That was in 2018 and I liked it from the start but I thought it was weird in a way. So it just kept sitting around as a loop on my computer for a couple of years before I revisited it last year to add some parts and rewrite some other parts. Then it transformed in different ways through experimentation until eventually landing in this form. I think the result is a nice and soft track with almost lullaby-like qualities. Hence the name 'Vaggvisa' – the Swedish word for lullaby.