Loud Sounds 22
Cover photo: RYAL (by Laura Russel)
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the twenty-second installment of the series.
Taang – Stay Out

Taang is an alternative electronic artist from Newcastle, UK. His dark and haunting debut single Stay Out started out from what the artist describes as "weird samples I'd made into loops". Then live drums were added to the equation, adding an extra layer of depth to the track's soundscape. But our favourite part of Stay Out is the catchy synth melody that appears at the end of the song.

Stay Out is about escapism. Escaping the person we portray or the profession we perform and being nothing more than moving body in a dimly lit round. It's about the need for a release and to let go of our routine and sensibilities.

It's about how much I really just wanted to dance when I had an office job, and how much I missed clubs and bars when they were closed.
RYAL – Skyscraper

New York alt-pop duo RYAL whose catchy single Tame was premiered at our blog is back with another banger. Skyscraper is dedicated to all the people who had to leave their cities during the pandemic. "There was a point it felt like we were going to be the only people left here [in NY]" – RYAL's singer and songwriter Jacque Ryal says. "Friends were leaving, heading to new towns or moving back in with parents. Good friends are tough to come by in a city like NYC, so they were doubly hard to lose. One friend in particular really inspired the lyrics of this song – like me, she feels the city raised her and saying goodbye was like ending the longest relationship of her life." The real hook of Skyscraper is the contrast between the anxiety and tension in the verses and the release in the chorus. It's what made us come back to the song again and again.
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Photographer: Laura Russel