Loud Sounds 34
Cover photo: Taut
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 34th installment of the series.
Taut – Eternity Behind the Veil

Taut is the alias of electronic musician and keyboard player Jacob Bergson. He has just released a new album called Polarity. Its highlight is the track Eternity Behind the Veil. Its seeming simplicity, repetitive nature and sentimental character are the track's strong points, which can sound as a surprise, as these qualities are what makes a lot of electronic music shallow and unlistenable. However in this case there's emotional deepness hiding behind this facade.

When I started working on Eternity Behind the Veil, I was in the wake of a really painful breakup. I was feeling quite lonely one afternoon, and sat down for a while to improvise on synthesizer. The core of this track is essentially just that improvisation.
I nearly discarded the track several times, as it initially struck me as too sentimental and cloying. But, nevertheless, I kept working on it anyway – I can't really explain why. It wasn't until the mastering engineer remarked on this track specifically that I truly began to take it seriously.

It just goes to show how much your mental state can color your judgement.
One of my favorite elements of the track is the tape loop that enters in the fade out at the very end. That was just a happy accident – I was trying to add some normal tape echo to the track, and noticed that the Echoplex unit I was using wasn't erasing the tape properly - instead, it just kept quietly looping the same material over and over. So, I cranked up the gain and recorded a bunch of this weird, noisy looping.
Listen to the whole album Polarity. It's definitely worth your attention.
The People Versus – Ocean Family

The People Versus love writing lyrics inspired by Greek myths. This song is no exception. The video for Ocean Family shows the band playing in blue light, making the impression that they are actually underwater – a real ocean family. After watching the video I can't get rid of the impression that the song's dreamy guitar sound is the result of being recorded on the ocean floor. Which adds to its mythic and mystic character. However, the best thing about this single is its sweet melody that sounds great on repeat.

The People Versus
The song is about Patroclus and Thetis waiting for Achilles before Patroclus can move on to Hades. Thetis is singing the choruses and Patroclus is the verses! The song itself follows the story that Thetis hates Patroclus cause if Achilles didn't love him he wouldn't have died.

The song itself was written on a 12-string in what felt like more or less one take! Its one of our favourite songs to play live. We wanted to keep the sound upbeat and dreamy but with a dancey drive. We hope we achieved it!
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