Loud Sounds 35
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 35th installment of the series.
Felipe Borim & Camila Brasiliano – Tão Só

The new song from Brazilian singer Camila Brasiliano and guitarist Felipe Borim is rooted in tradition but sounds very fresh. It's highly melodic and features excellents performances from both, as well as an exquisite piano solo.

Felipe Borim & Camila Brasiliano
While thinking to write this testimonial, we realized that the song Tão Só (So Alone) is the result of the whole personal and social context that the two of us are living in recent years.

It all started during the production of our first album Sós, in 2017, which involved a research of the Brazilian songbook, aiming to select songs that fit the profile of a guitar and voice duo. This research led us to study the academic discussions that were taking place about the directions of popular music.

While this was happening, Brazil entered a crisis of great proportions, which destabilized the country until the present days.

This context of creativity linked to the new record, musical research and a generalized malaise in society was the spark that initiated the process of composing the song Tão Só, as well as the other songs Luz (Light, already released) and Água (Water), which make up an EP that will be released soon.

With the songs in hand, we felt they required a different musical language than that from our first album, so we partnered with Antonio Loureiro, a world-renowned instrumentalist, who produced the recordings and managed to find a modern and Brazilian sonority to the songs.

When we were finishing the recordings, the pandemic came and totally changed our plans. We looked for ways to continue working in isolation and this led us to a partnership with Lola Ramos, who lives in Europe, far from us, and made the music videos for Tão Só, Luz e Água. She helped us realize that the three songs have a very strong connection and in a way tell the story of the same character, who will be the protagonist of the three clips.

Faris Ishaq – Evoke نَبَط

Faris Ishaq is a Palestinian composer known as the master of the ancient Egyptian flute called nay. He plays accompanying himself on leg-percussion and frame drum simultaneously. His style borrows from jazz, Indian classical music and other music traditions from all over the world.

The name of his latest single نَبَط translates from Arabic as "to appear to the surface after being out of sight". Just like the other compositions on his upcoming album "Kham", it is a result of of unedited musical improvisations. The track manages to express a lot with very little means.
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