Loud Sounds 36
Cover image: Tecnosine
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 36th installment of the series.
Tecnosine – Evoke

For the second day in a row, we're featuring a jam with the word "Evoke" in the title. This time it comes from Oregon-based producer and remixer Tecnosine whose excellent downtempo track Overcast appeared on our radars earlier. "Evoke" is a beautifully calming and cinematic piece of drone ambient that is guaranteed to put your mind at ease and help your body relax.

Daniel Sampson (Tecnosine)
The "Evoke" EP is an exploration of the Drone Ambient sound, inspired by artists like Lauge, Brian Eno, Hammock and the artists signed to the label Valley View Records. I had been listening to some drone on Spotify playlists like Breathe, Deep Sleep and Ambient Relaxation to sleep to, and one day I decided to just sit at my desk listening more attentively to a variety of Drone. In a pure flow state I rattled out three drone songs, including the title track "Evoke." I improvised some chords using a blurry and soft pad sound, added some melodic elements that were drowned in long and large reverbs and added an atmospheric field recording. There are also some tape loops hidden in the mix there, and in the other tracks from the EP. The result of these recordings is what you hear in the final product
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House Plants – Conflicted

House Plants is the moniker of singer-songwriter Kyle Stringer. Some of his favourite things, apart from recording music, include "jumping through fiery hoops with a jet pack and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro". His latest single "Conflicted" is a unique song. It's about the effect that the death of someone you care about can have on you. It's pure. It's vulnerable. It's defenseless. Read Kyle's story about the song and the events it was written about.

Kyle Stringer
(House Plants)

I work at a Veterans Home as a Music Therapist with residents who have dementia and Alzheimer's. I truly believe I have the best job in the world. However, as all jobs do, it comes with things that aren't desirable. One of those things is watching people die.

Death is one of those things that is always present for all of us, but seeing it up close on a monthly basis isn't easy. This song is about a resident at the Veterans Home, named Ray, who I had formed a good rapport with. He had a lot of charisma, spunk, and life in him. One day, I came in and saw that Ray was still in bed. I asked a nurse why, and was told he had cancer and was feeling weak.

It all happened so fast after that. Within a couple of weeks, he was laying in bed with oxygen, and was unresponsive to visits. It is those moments that are the hardest – the moments between life and death.

One day, I left and said goodbye on my way out, as was customary. The next day, I came into work and heard that he had died. It was so difficult to suss out my feelings. I was so happy he had let go, but sad that the person I had come to know and love, with all of his goals and plans for his life, was gone.

This song is about those feelings.

It was recorded quickly upon writing the lyrics with an acoustic guitar in my living room. Then, my wife (girlfriend at the time), Lara Avery, recorded some beautiful background vocals, and my sister, Erin Moore, sprinkled some high ones on top of that via email.

This song came together and was recorded quicker than any song I have ever written. The emotion I was feeling felt pure. I didn't think twice about sharing this song. Death is certain for everyone that lives, and so often, we experience the pain of someone we love passing on.

I recorded a full album and released it on August 21, 2020; this song is on that record. Vinyl, cassettes and digital available at houseplantsmusic.bandcamp.com.

Thanks for reading.

Live is good, death is coming.

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