Loud Sounds 38
Cover photo: Color Theory
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 38th installment of the series.
LDN Monos – Samsara

We've covered London-based songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist LDN Monos's excellent first single First Exit. This tune is similar in that it's head-spinningly full of details: melodies, sounds, effects and samples of rare acoustic instruments. The accompanying video features a beautiful performance of synchronized swimmers that works hypnotically with the track.

LDN Monos
Oftentimes with songs that I write, I have little to no recollection of creating them. The core ideas for the song are mostly written in an evening or two and then I'll leave them for a couple months and rediscover them. In regards to Samsarsa, I have thousands of samples of Asian instruments – from all over the continent – that I've collected over the last few years. I remember creating the song around the vocal and glockenspiel samples. The vocals are sung in a Chinese dialect but I chop them up and manipulate them so much that the words are effectively unintelligible. Which is precisely what I'm going for. I'm just as interested in the sound and texture of words as their meaning. And once I'm done reversing, pitching and stretching the vocal, the original meaning of the words is of little value.

In regards to the video, I would say that it follows the same general theme as the video for First Exit (debut single from the album). I wanted to show individuals performing their craft. Find the rhythm of it – which is very easy to do with synchronised swimming – and relate the energy of it to the track. Songs are effectively stories and I want to do the same thing with music videos. Tell a story that has nothing to do with the song. Show the beauty of it and have the video and audio existing together as a single work of art.
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Color Theory – Trick of the Light

Color Theory is a project of veteran synth pop artist Brian Hazard (who is also the man behind Passive Promotion, a goldmine of information on DIY music marketing). His latest single features his trademark gentle vocals that sound a lot like Martin Gore from Depeche Mode set to a refreshingly minimalistic backing track with a catchy piano melody.

Brian Hazard
"Trick of the Light" is about the sort of relationship you can never fully let go of.
It's been years since you've seen each other, but driving home in the middle of the night, you still scan the sidestreets for signs of them. They always seem to be hiding in the corner of your eye, a trick of the light.

This one adopts a darker, more post-punk sound than my usual synth-heavy arrangements, a sort of melancholy minimalism.

This is the second original single I've released since my last album, Mages. I'd like to think this one has a sort of immediate appeal. Lyrically it's immediately relatable to anyone who has moved on from a serious relationship.
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