Loud Sounds 42
Cover photo: Eliza Edens
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 42nd installment of the series.
Eliza Edens – Westlawn Cemetery

Brooklyn-based Eliza Edens's new single has a simple but memorable melody set to a production marrying elegant acoustic guitar with some organic field-recorded sounds. Eliza wrote the song when she realized her mother needed extra care because of her illness. As you can imagine, the result is arrestingly sincere.

Eliza Edens
Writing Westlawn Cemetery was a way for me to create a container for my grief—a way to control something that is completely uncontrollable. Watching someone you love slowly fade over a number of years is a painful process that leads to a sense of ambiguous loss. I hope this song can be a safe container for other people to grieve what they need to grieve.
Trey Qua – Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is an atmospheric R&B jam from a producer famous for his work with Bryson Tiller and Caity Base. If you like the cold, dark and rainy vibe of The Weeknd's early mixtapes, this tune is for you.

Trey Qua
I wrote Tel Aviv when a girl I was seeing ran off with the Prince of Jordan. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life and so i thought I'd make a song that represents that, with the twists and turns of the multiple drops