Loud Sounds 47
Cover photo: Eliza Edens
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 47th installment of the series.
Gloomer – Rolling

Elliott Kozel aka Gloomer continues to explore his own brand of lo-fi shoegaze drum & bass. It may seem to be a crazy idea on paper, but this hybrid sounds totally organic. The new track features Elliott's trademark whispery vocals – warm and somewhat scary at the same time.

This song was made with a lot of granular synthesis and sample chopping. I also made lots of use of the whammy bar on my Stratocaster. The song is about dealing wiht drug addicts and hoping that they are at least having fun while they are out self destructing.
Eliza Edens – For the Song

Massachusetts-born and Brooklyn-based Eliza Edens comes back with a tune built around some slightly-unfamiliar-sounding guitar arps (thanks to an unusual tuning) and featuring a nice textural synth solo. The tune will appeal to fans of classic 60s folk as well as to those who are into newer folk outfits like Big Thief.

Eliza Edens
The lyrical content of this song was directly influenced by the life story of Joni Mitchell and her stubborn resilience & singularity. The melody and guitar part came to fruition after messing around in an alternate guitar tuning I found on a Twitter thread via Anaïs Mitchell. The tuning is DABEAE, which is very strange but provided new and unfamiliar territory for my brain to find fresh melodies on the guitar. I wrote the song after experimenting in that tuning on the upstairs back deck of my parents' house during the deep days of the pandemic in 2020. We recorded it mostly live in one take in the studio, except for a few overdubs.
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