Loud Sounds 51
Cover picture: "Honeydew" cover art
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 51st installment of the series.
Marco Dassi – Save Me

Save Me is a UKG-tinged atmospheric club jam full of reverberated synths, tasteful vocal chops and dynamic shifts and turns that keep it interesting all the way through. The voice on the record belongs to the singer Mezbee. "This track is a request for help, the transition between the request itself and the help from a friend. Obviously the whole EP touches on the emotional key, the melodies and vocals are very emotional, while maintaining a fast pace," explains Marco Dassi.
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AJ&JG – Honeydew

AJ&JG is a father and son duo from Sheffield making fun and bold leftfield electronica borrowing from house, techno, pop and ambient music and citing Black Dog, Autechre and soundtrack artists such as John Carpenter and even Ennio Morricone as influences.

Andy, the father in the duo, released the group's new single on his own label Dragon Trax. The tune is decidedly simplistic and almost cartoonish in nature, but it carries a certain air of coolness that makes it a standout.

Andy Stockton
With Honeydew I took an early work in progress and ran it through Serato Pro software on my Pioneer SR2 controller, chopping the track into loops that I then filtered and applied heavy FX to. We then chopped these and reintegrated them into the track.

I'd say Honeydew is quirky in the sense that James chose woodblock percussion as the main melodic element, and we left a huge depth of space in the track that renders it almost naive. We added Pink Noise to those spaces, which has a subtle lulling effect.