Loud Sounds 52
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 52nd installment of the series.
Absorver – Sit Through An Era

Check out the debut track from Absorver's upcoming EP. It's a stylistically curious piece of moody ambient with touches of piano and distant brass cutting through its dreamy texture. Later in the track we hear some pleasantly harsh guitar-like synth drones, which add a new dimension to the track.

Each track on this EP represents a certain phenomenon associated with memory and the passing of time. This first track, with its length and monotonous, repetitive nature symbolizes the inability to comprehend the significance of our own personal "eras". It is the crushing weight that comes with the realisation that a certain part of life has come to an end and we have merely sat through it. It is about being ignorant of your own life and missing what is right in front of you.

I recorded the dusty warped piano riff while experimenting with ways to create this dreamy but twisted kind of vibe. I was then looking for a contrast between the more natural sounding instruments / samples and something that would sonically break them, which is where the heavily distorted synth (some mistake it for a guitar) comes in.
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Luke De-Sciscio – The Tourist

The most striking thing about The Tourist is Luke's achingly beautiful vocals set against the backdrop of calming piano, sparse percussion and textural guitars. Their emotional amplitude feels even more touching because of the subdued character of the arrangement and the fact they are so boldly loud in the mix.

Luke De-Sciscio
The new thing I tried with this song is viewing the entire studio as a single instrument. Going from one point of least resistance to the next. I felt some connection to the piano, I'd be there. If it was guitar, I'd go there. But just constantly moving to occupy that flow state and keep pushing away the idea that I don't deserve my own creativity.
It's taken me a long time to get so comfortable with the whole studio like it were one big creative entity. But, and this really is the energy that permeates the album, a feeling of having let go, returning to play and releasing myself from expectation, effort or illusion.
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