Loud Sounds 56
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 56th installment of the series.
B.Visible – Planes (Kariyan Remix)

Kariyan is a German/Kurdish musician from Vienna. He often combines electronic sounds with organic textures and live instruments. For his insanely catchy remix of B.Visible's excellent track Planes Kariyan recorded extra mandolin parts, making the track's textural richness even more bewitching. Read on to learn about Kariyan's remixing philosophy.

Before I started doing the remix I was already hooked on the original track. I spoke to B.Visible to understand why he produced the song. Understanding the original artist's inspiration is something I always do when remixing new songs. It helps me understand the backstory and find my role as a remixer.

Rilke once said "A work of art is good when it was created out of necessity."… That's exactly what I felt about „Planes". It was important to me to keep the main story of the song and just translate it into my musical language.

I wanted the remix to be like a story you already know, but with the difference that this time it's presented by a different reader. Someone who sees the same object but from a different perspective. Someone who has his individual character to tell a story, pronouncing and emphasizing the words, etc.

So I added some new mandolin melodies on top, transformed the vocals into some FX layers and mixed the organic instruments with new synth layers. The interesting thing about organic electronic music is that the blending of these two worlds makes you forget what's real and what's not. The hard part is finding a good balance between perfection and imperfection. All of these things combined led to my interpretation of "Planes".
Suavé TheGent – Voye Li

Suavé TheGent is a Haitian artist and producer. On Voye Li ("Throw It") he sings, raps and adds his trademark vocal "animated DJ-like sound". The instrumental by BeatsbySV is vibrant and features a catchy counterpoint synth riff. "The verses and pre-chorus came easy as I mixed braggadocio with party imagery. You should hear the party! I showcased myself in purest form, highlighting my urbane and ebullient nature throughout," comments the artist.