Loud Sounds 57
"Loud Sounds" are some of the best new tracks we've found. We are coming back with the 57th installment of the series.
Bad Lori – happysad

Bad Lori is a dark pop music duo from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Initially known as Bombyx Lori, Bad Lori underwent an evolution in their sound and artistic direction. Their early releases, influenced by their academic roots, featured experimental trip-hop vibes. However, later on they embraced a darker brand of pop.

Their latest single "happysad" emanates a dark summer vibe, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. The song's lyrics poignantly capture the essence of bittersweet nostalgia, invoking a longing for the past while acknowledging that those moments can never be relived. With its thumping drum beat, moody guitars, sweet vocals and soft bass lines, "happysad" effectively captures the duality of human emotions.
The Parade – I'm a Dreamer

The Parade is a new promising band from Stockholm. Their music is inspired by indie pop from the 90s' – times "when music was music... summer atmosphere in the air, youth and future hope with a filter of VHS", as described by the band themselves.

Their new single's dreamy arrangement and joyful yet bittersweet melodies are aimed to "serve as an homage to a time when music magazines were treasured possessions, and record shops were cherished sanctuaries for teenage dreamers". The music carries a certain careless air that perfectly rhymes with the times of youth when your whole life is ahead and everything seems possible.
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