Loud Sounds 64
We are coming back with "Loud Sounds" to show you some of the best new tracks we've found.

JUICYPEAR's "Island" is a perfect addition to alt R&B playlists, offering a dreamy tropical atmosphere that wraps you in a relaxed vibe from the very beginning. This lead track from their new album "Orbit" opens with lulling keyboard chords that set the tone for the entire sonic journey. The rest of the track transports listeners to a dreamy, tranquil oasis. It's a sonic gem for for those seeking a musical escape into a world of pure, relaxed bliss.

Oftentimes, when someone is described as an 'island,' there's a negative connotation around it—like they're choosing to be alone, isolated, and possibly misunderstood. In this song's context, we meant it in the best possible way: a pursuit to become more ourselves; independent from what others think of, or want from us. We can be islands living in a peaceful oasis, paradise no matter the circumstance or situation. That peace is always available to us. And to you. We hope you'll hear this song and experience it as a sonic tropical getaway.

"'Island' also features one of our best friends and a kick-ass artist Haiva Ru. We've wanted to collaborate for a long time and we finally found the perfect song to make it happen. She brings such a warmth and vibe to this track.
KID TRAVIS – Keep Showing Me Love

Prolific genre-bending R&B singer KID TRAVIS is back with a new jam. It brings together dreamy guitars, deep digital bass and expertly crafted backing vocals to create a romatic mood. The song will appeal to fans of DVSN, Justin Bieber and Jeremih.
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