Loud Sounds 66
We are coming back with "Loud Sounds" to show you some of the best new tracks we've found.
Ihsan Al-Munzer – Yassmin

In the late '70s and early '80s Ihsan Al-Munzer helped kickstart a new wave of Arabic music, heavily using synths, drums and guitars ito add new colours to his music and productions. This was directly influenced by his background in rock-and-roll, jazz and pop. Yassmin, re-released by BBE Music, is one of the compositions marrying traditional Arabic music with Western influences. Its most prominent element is the snaky electric organ melody. The use of percussion and drums is also notable. The drum part becomes more emotional as the song progresses, reaching an almost frenetic degree of passion by the end.

Ihsan Al-Munzer
I came back to Lebanon in 1979 when people said the war had stopped [it hadn't] and begun to be affected with what my father liked in Arabic music. I wanted to play Arabic music, but I was influenced with the drums,Western rhythm and foreign music after years of playing jazz and all the classical hits. In the 1980s, I was the bandleader of Lebanese TV talent show Studio El Fan.
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Mira Zoff – Parenthèse

Mira Zoff's songs are highly melodic and intimate, much like her vocal performance. Their delicate character and sincerity reminded us of all the classic French songstresses, from France Gall to Alizée. Parenthése's arrangements uses muted acoustic guitar and anxious reverberated piano in the verses to contrast the sense of fullfillment and comfort created by the music in the chorus.
Winael – Cherry

Winael is a singer-songwriter originally from Caribbean now residing in Romania. His music uses seductive Carribean rhythms, merging them with the beautifully straightforward approach of Romanian pop music. Winael's groovy and relaxed electronic productions heavily relying on counterpoint melodies, smooth vocal delivery, as well as his sense of style, instantly bring to mind Stromae. The artist's first single Cherry is a prefect example of this, featuring all of these elements, the catchiest being probably the brassy synth riff that closes the song.
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