Loud Sounds 70
We are coming back with "Loud Sounds" to show you some of the best new tracks we've found.
Thomas Frempong – Mada Meho So

An extremely funky and energetic song sung in the Twi language. The track is from a Asona Records' albums reissued by BBE Music. The records were discovered in a garden shed when the label founder's son Jerry Frempong and his wife were doing a Spring Clean. Mada Meho So features rich percussion and an extremely groovy bass line, but still manages to leave a lot of room for the vocals to breathe. There are many things happening throughout the track: atmospheric pads, dreamy synth brass and beautiful guitar parts.

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SKNAIL – Cellar of Heaven

The track has a lot going on: a mindblowing ambient intro, a virtuoso oud part and even a trumpet that sounds like a distorted guitar played by aliens. However our favourite things about this avant-garde jazz piece are the beautiful trumpet melodies and the frenetic drums with a part that invokes associations with electronic music.

SKNAIL is a Swiss jazz-electronica band, more precisely "glitch jazz", which was formed in 2013 and released its 4th album named "OUIJA" on November 17, 2023. For this 4th opus, SKNAIL proposes musical communication with the spirits, bringing together around the "ouija" board an Oud (Amine Mraihi), trumpet (Yannick Barman), drums (Cyril Regamey), piano (Guy-François Leuenberger), and the minimal electro of SKNAIL (real name Blaise Caillet) who handles production and composition.

The conception of the project began at the end of 2018, a little after the release of the previous album "Mutation". As with each album and each project, SKNAIL tries to bring together different musicians, while keeping the same base on each album, in order to evolve its music as its various projects progress. For "Ouija", recording and creation began with Cyril Regamey's drums, who recorded his rhythmic patterns on an electronic music base. Oudist Amine Mraihi then added his beautiful, virtuoso notes, bringing an Arabian touch to the music. Then Yannick Barman's trumpet, which he also uses to generate electro effects, and Guy-François de Leuenberger's contemporary jazz, almost classical piano were added. Once everything had been recorded, and the 9 tracks were ready to be sent to the mixers... the Covid arrived. And so all the problems that ensued during the period that followed, and that everyone knows about, considerably delayed the release of this album, which should originally have been released in 2021.
Amie Hayes – Trinity

Amie is a recording artist from New York. She studied Music Recording Technology in college in order to learn how to record her own songs. Working from her home studio, Amie manages to create songs that sound both beautifully raw and perfectly polished at the same time. Trinity with its haunting melodies and spiky guitar testures reminded us of Elliott Smith's earlier works.

Amie Hayes
Trinity emerges from the shadows cast by the darker facets of institutionalized religion. Born out of the haunting impressions left by children exposed to Judgment House plays, vividly depicting a terrifying hell awaiting those who deviate from prescribed religious doctrines. It extends its tendrils into the opulent realm of megachurches and charismatic televangelists, who weave intricate narratives of Prosperity Gospels and 'Seed Faith.' Congregants are implored to tithe, to sow financial seeds, with the promise that divine blessings in the form of financial prosperity will be reaped in return. Finally, it delves into the poignant moments of life's conclusion, where the desperate plea for salvation echoes.

After years without crafting a song, Trinity flowed from me in a single evening, the lyrics and melodies seamlessly intertwining. The entire writing and recording process unfolded in one immersive session within the confines of my home studio. Trinity encapsulates a journey through the unsettling and captivating landscapes of institutionalized religion, with its creation marking a profound return to the essence of my musical expression.