Loud Sounds 71
We are coming back with "Loud Sounds" to show you some of the best new tracks we've found.
Fairuza Zagidullina – Sinen Ochen

We've already covered Fairuza Zagidullina when she released her own dance version of a famous Tatar song "Avyl kiche". Now she's back with a more traditionally arranged piece "Sinen ochen" written by the singer herself. The song is a romantic waltz performed at a new year concert. As usual, the most striking thing about the track is Fairuza's voice that combines traditional Tatar melisma, dignity and a certain rawness creating an emotional impact on the listeners.

Subway Rat – Nostalgia

It is probably no surprise that this standout track from prolific songwriter Subway Rat sounds... well, nostalgic. The atmospheric production combines a certain relaxed approach with lively guitars reminiscent Albert Hammond Jr's work. The vocals are raw and they convey the track's naive and romantic atmosphere in a perfect way.

Subway Rat
I wrote Nostalgia this past spring in my apartment while my younger sibling was visiting for the weekend. We were listening to Daft Punk and I started singing along to an instrumental of theirs, making up words. Out came a story about young love, and we started recording a video of me free-styling lyrics. I think we had 10 minutes of footage and I picked my favorite lines for the studio version, which I finished across two sessions at the Grammy-winning Lounge Studios in Times Square. It was mastered by their head engineer Blue, who works with icons like Solange, Lin Manuel Miranda, Mariah Carey. The instrumental was purchased online from Canadian guitarist Paco Lee's beat store, and then tuned up and mixed by Cody and Adam at Lounge. Adam recorded my vocals for this one, it was our first time working together and some of the harmonic layering was his idea. It came out great!
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