Loud Sounds 73
We are coming back with "Loud Sounds" to show you some of the best new tracks we've found.
Daraa Tribes – Bshara

The extremely groovy track from the Moroccan desert blues collective boasts a memorable bass part and a sudden rhythmic change that give the song extra energy. The lyrical content is also very interesting – the song "tells the story of the Aarib tribe, nomadic in origin, and their historical relationship with their surrounding environments. Major themes include a cultural, social, and economic importance placed upon camels, music customs performed by the tribal youth, and greeting other tribal members traveling from Afar."
EĐĐIE – The Spark

EĐĐIE is a singer-songwriter & bass player based in Pennsylvania. His latest single The Spark is full of raw energy and real pain. Its pulsing bass and juicy overdriven guitars definitely have an 80s vibe, and the explosive chorus is full of singalong potential.

The Spark is one of the most emotional songs I've ever done, if not THE most emotional. It talks about that pain of heartbreak and all the little unique feelings that come along with it. This song is definilty based off of personal experience for me, as is this whole upcoming record, and I just hope people can hear this song and relate to it, hearbreak, in particular sudden heartbreak is a really tough emotional pill to swallow and I hope this song allows people to feel better about whatever sitation they are in.