Holofonote's Vivid Music Marries Bach with IDM
Holofonote is Alina Karimova. She studied at Kazan Conservatory and plays the violin as her main instrument. Alina has recently started making electronic music inspired in equal parts by IDM and her academic background. We asked Alina to tell us the story behind every song on her new EP "Modular Memories".

Alina Karimova: "During my student years I loved attending concerts at Kazan Conservatory and was lucky enough to even play on stage. The bell ringing before the start of each concert would have a magic effect on me. Each time I got excited by the anticipation of something genuine and true. So I was eager to bring that feeling to the listener in the opening piece."

Alina Karimova: "This piece makes use of basso ostinato. It's an allusion to Bach's "Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin" known to be the musical image of Gospel. It's a dialogue between the earthly (verse) and the heavenly (chorus)."
Modular Memories

Alina Karimova: "I'm not really skilled in sound design yet, still at the choose-a-preset-and-adjust-it-somehow stage. The pattern I used for this this piece happened to perfectly entwine with my expectations of hearing something new.

When I touched the pitch knob the result reminded me of the ethereal sound of Ave Maria played on the theremin, and the tune started sounding like a prayer."
Breaking News

Alina Karimova: "This one came out rather depressive, with a lot going on, just like on TV news. Random arps as a never-ending flow of information, encrypted speech, sounds of dog fights, sirens and so on.

I hate bad news."

Alina Karimova: "I wrote this one for a contest organized by Adam Audio. The contestants were supposed to make a 30-second-long companion piece for Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks". I was late for the competition but still made a sketch. The jazz harmonies together with the "tired" flute create an insomnia-induced altered state of mind effect."
Sweet Catalyst

Alina Karimova: "This year I visited a night club for the first time. It was a showcase of Hyperboloid Records artists. I'm more into foreign IDM music and had known little about Russian acts before the show. We danced so wildly that it felt like some sort of psychedelic group trip.

It felt awesome to let go of all the stress and negative thoughts without being afraid to look weird.

I think I succeeded in evoking that vibe in the closing track."
Alina working on music at home
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