Angela Sclafani Remembers Her 5-year-old Self on "I'd Fall"
Angela Sclafani is a songwriter, performer, and theater-maker based in New York. Her newest single is a nostalgic tune with dreamy keyboards, warm acoustic guitar and beautiful harmonies in the hook. However, the most striking elements of the song are its memorable calming vocal melody and lyrics rich with details.

The album containing the song will be released by indie label Pitch & Prose in February.

Angela Sclafani
I recorded my own vocals in my apartment, which allowed me to take my time and get takes that were intimate, relaxed, and vulnerable – which is what I wanted to convey in my performance. I was also able to build the chorus harmonies so that the waterfall effect of the "I'd Fall" hook felt lush.

The rest of the track was recorded at producer Katie Buchanan's home studio. We started with the acoustic guitar as it was to be the center of the song and then added in keys that slowly expanded into a textural swirl.

I wanted the end of the song to feel dreamy, like drifting in and out of memories. When writing the lyrics I tapped into my childhood memories, and put myself back into the shoes of my 5-10 year old self. The whole album is an exercise in inner child work – a method of returning to the younger self in order to heal past traumas and move forward in the present.
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