javalavanda Writes Naive and Optimistic Electronica
javalavanda's electronica relies on light optimistic melodies and sounds groovy, fresh and somewhat naive. The man behind it is Gleb Pecherskikh, a former drummer in a math-rock band Bingo Bandy Club. You can feel his roots in the way he treats rhythm. "I perceive a drum part as a series of impulses rather than a kick-snare-kick-snare pattern. I would never put something I can't physically play in a song – my conscience wouldn't let me," says Gleb.
javalavanda's discography includes one short EP "abandoned place" released two weeks ago. We asked Gleb about the first song on the EP.

Gleb Pecherskikh
I wrote "wild birds" while travelling (it has a different title on Bandcamp – what was I thinking?). I was sitting in my car in a forest near a lake. It was the beginning of summer and the end of lockdown. I was in a light mood. The track was intended as background music for Youtube, but later I realized it's good as it is – simple and naive, like the mood I was in.

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