JEZ_EBEL Gets Vulnerable on New EP
Young Norwegian singer JEZ_EBEL has just released her new EP "the humbling chronicles of jez". Her project started as bedroom pop act. "For me it was a huge relief discovering an online community who enjoyed the whole "demo" vibe," says the artist. Her new songs sound much more polished than the early demos but still retain the intimate homespun vibe.

Our favourite track from the new EP "Gooood Time" perfectly showcases this approach. It's vulnerable and is not afraid to talk about complex issues, but still gives you a sense of comfort that only gets stronger with every listen.

My second EP is a continuation of the little lyrical universe that I created in "BLOSSOM". My debut EP was far more careless and lighthearted. I was fresh out of a bad relationship and was ready to mingle and live my life like the young single person that I was. In this EP though, that all crumbles. It's been hard coming to terms with the never ending personal progressions and regressions in one's life. One minute I am the most confident and secure person in the room, and then one small shift – and it all crumbles.

It is hard being mentally ill and having little to no resources to aid with that. ESPECIALLY when you suddenly meet someone you cannot get out of your brain. The awfully, excruciating anxiety of falling in love. It is so beautiful and scary all at the same time. Having no previous experiences with healthy love reveals itself when emotional vulnerability kicks in. Being safe, but not feeling safe. The calm after a great storm. It leaves an apathetic tinnitus ringing inside of your brain. Can love really be this calm? It takes time to settle properly into someone else´s embrace. In this EP you get to experience me and how I slowly open up, taking my time, not only for you, but to the possibilities that I can be loved without the panic of the past.
If you loved the track, be sure to listen to the whole album.
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