Harajiev Smokes Virginia! – Это не закончится никогда (It Will Never End)
New song by Russian indie rockers was recorded on several continents
Harajiev Smokes Virginia! are one of the most loved (by both critics and fans) indie rock bands in Russia. With influences ranging from emo rock to classic Soviet pop they never cease to surprise. Now they are back with a new track «Это не закончится никогда» ("It Will Never End").
The song was recorded on several continents. The main riff popped up at a jam session in Kazan. Later Arseny recorded drums in Berlin, while Aidar (bass) and Misha (keys) worked out their parts when working on cruising ships somewhere in the oceans. The final track was mixed and mastered in California by Michael James and Dave Donnelly.
We asked Arseny to tell us how he worked on the drum part and what inspired him.
Arseny playing the drums
Arseny Kovarski:

It's fascinating to remember how this song happened. I was living in Berlin at the time and got inspired by a band called The Fearless Flyers (side project of Vulfpeck). I still love the band, and the most exciting thing about it for me is that one of the members is Nate Smith – one of my fav drummers.

I used to go to my rehearsal studio to play The Fearless Flyers' song "The Baal Shem-Tov'' (named after of the greatest sages in the history of Jews). Nate is fucking savage. You can hear it in the beat he invented. It sounds kind of African in my head.

When I came to my hometown Kazan in Russia and got together with the band I started playing this "African" beat at a rehearsal and all the guys started vibing. This resulted in a new track «Это не закончится никогда» ("It Will Never End").

Arseny getting his first tattoo
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