Orange A Boom's Mortar Is Groovy Yet Spaced Out
Orange A Boom is the project of Dane Lundy, whose past experience includes work as a professional bass player. Probably this is the reason why bass sound plays such an important part on his new single "Mortar". The artist describes the composition as a taking you on a "cosmic voyage all while bobbing your head", which is pretty accurate.

The composition's pulsing bass groove is timbrally close to Tuvan throat singing and jaw harp and thus combines a sort of brutal force with a certain meditative quality. The track is rich with details and little parts that keep it interesting throughout all of its four minutes. The organ and synth melodies sound like they were played by a snake charmer who switched from flutes to modern equipment.

The drum machine part is busy, adding energy to the track, while the reverberation on the synths gives it a dreamy and moody quality. This is perfectly described by the press release: "The uniqueness of Orange A Boom's style is found in the fact that his music can be blasted through open car windows cruising down the road, or enjoyed floating off to sleep into a deep and prismatic dream".

The brand new project's second single release "Cupid's Cannon" is scheduled for December 1, and we can't wait to hear what Dane comes up with on the track. If we had to guess, we'd probably say it's going to be a groove-heavy genre-bending trip to outer space, much like "Mortar".