Album Review: Output 1:1:1 – Rolling Corpse Pathetiqué
Rolling Corpse Pathetiqué is the ambitious debut album by Canadian Avant-Goth trio Output 1:1:1. During the recording of their podcast Cold Waves of Comfort the band deconstructed existing songs and remade them into expansive sonic landscapes. This inspired them to reverse-engineer the creative process and craft songs from seemingly unlikely starting points: walls of feverish percussion, organic noises and emotionally raw vocalizing.

The result is, as you might expect, abrasive, wildly experimental and challenging. The record is paradoxically eerie and fun at the same time. The soundbeds evoke associations with abandoned buildings, swampy forests and late night psychedelic trips. The vocals on Rolling Corpse Pathetiqué possess a ghostly quality, resembling the voices of tortured demons, crazy prophets and shamans and screaming and wailing souls of martyrs of the past.

The mixing is raw and spiky, bringing to mind Women, Silver Apples and early Guided By Voices. The production is uniquely creative – You & Yours overwhelms you with sound that seems to be coming from every direction at once, while Oblast plays with sonic space, using minimalistic approach to arrangement and spooky silence to spotlight the composition's elements.

Our favorite song on the record is the genre-bending Howl. It's rumbling textures and touches of discomforting metallic noises wouldn't sound out of place on a techno dancefloor, but feel equally driving and emotional when you are listening to the track on your headphones in a dark and lonely room.