Pompeya's "I'm On My Own" Will Comfort You
Pompeya, one of Russia's most-loved indie bands, is back with a new album "Bingo". Its lead single "I'm On My Own" is warm, melodic and catchy – in other words, it's everything we love about these guys. We asked lead singer Daniil Brod to give us an insight into the writing process.

Daniil Brod
Vox, guitar
This is the most "Pop" song of the album. At first I didn't like the song much because of its simplicity, but Denis (bass player and co-author) was sure that this will be The Single. So I've soaked the vibe, adopted the feel of the rhythm and decided to add into the lyrics the feeling of self-isolation in which many musicians and artists are living day by day. The fact that this became connected to the lockdown is just a nice coincidence that helped me to stay on this topic.

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