"QT" from MEYY & TWST is a Perfect Piece of Melodic Hyperpop
Upon listening to "QT" by MEYY and TWST, one is immediately transported to a mesmerizing, fairy-like world filled with glittering crystals and fluffy clouds. The track is highly melodic, with a catchy hook that immediately grabs the listener's attention and refuses to let go. MEYY's vocals are delicate and ethereal, perfectly complementing the dreamy production by caro♡, known for her work with Charli XCX and PC Music.

As the song progresses, the production becomes more maximalist, with layers of shimmering synths and driving beats building to a euphoric crescendo. TWST's vocals add an extra dimension to the track, her unique tone and style blending seamlessly with MEYY's.

We had so much fun making this track and I feel it's reflected in the song. It's so special to make music with people you admire. I was already a fan of caro♡'s projects, productions and PC Music in general before we got in the studio together so it was so exciting and inspirational to work together. Through her productions Caro crafts a new, bright and fun sonic world that opened up a new part of myself I hadn't really explored in music before. I loved TWST's work so I was thrilled she agreed to jump on this track with me. Her voice and aesthetic watermark complement and elevate the track beautifully."

I'm a super big fan of MEYY's work and the audio/visual world that she creates. It's an honour to have been able to work with her and caro♡ on "QT" and to bring a bit of all our worlds together for this! I'm so excited for this to be out in the world!! (☆ω☆*)

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