Quint's Debut Is an Intimate Jam with Dancefloor Potential
"Waterfalls" is the debut single by leftfield R&B duo Quint. The mid-tempo jam is a combination of funky guitars, ice-cold pads, four-to-the-floor beat and a serenade sung through gritted teeth. Quint describe their music as lying "somewhere between The Weeknd and Toto". And we're intrigued to hear how they explore this territory further on.

Waterfalls started from a vibe we created jamming in the studio. We built the beat using a few analog synths and effects and really just played along. The aesthetic and the "wet" texture of the music inspired the Waterfalls concept which, in turn, then developed into the story of a somewhat broken (but still addictive) relationship.

Also, of course, it's a reference to the TLC track – which has the same point of departure but then moves in a different direction. We really love those subtle cross-connections and references, they really inspire the process and we feel it's fun to listen out for those kind of details.
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