New York alt-pop duo RYAL quote MGMT and Stevie Nicks as influences for their new single "Tame". The Brooklyn duo likely informed their cool alternative synth-driven sound, while Stevie Nicks inspired the undeniable pop potential of Tame's hook.

Jacque Ryal
This next round of songs we are about to release feel different. We are progressing, giving less f*cks. I mean, Aaron has always given less f*cks than me... But this last year I feel like I am getting more comfortable in my artist skin, becoming less afraid of who I am, how I sound. I had a teacher once say "when you wake up in the morning just sing ahhhhh. Listen to it, really hear it and then just be ok with what you've got". I feel like I'm at the "I'm ok with what I got" part.