Big Fox's Charlotta Perers Talks Everyday Magic, Violence and Songs That Almost Write Themselves
Big Fox's album "See How The Light Falls" is filled with everyday magic. "To me it's a reminder of the magic in the small things – finding the extraordinary in the ordinary," says Charlotta of the album title. The dark and haunting deepness behind the mundane does not reveal itself on the first listen, but it's what makes you come back to the album again and again.
See How The Light Falls came out 6 years after Big Fox's previous record Now. The album was initially scheduled for release in May 2018. But a few weeks prior to that Charlotta received some news that changed her life.

Charlotta Perers
A few weeks before the album was supposed to be released I was diagnosed with lymphoma. It all happened very quickly and it was almost like entering a parallel world with a different time scale, rules and priorities. It felt almost like being forced on to one of those ghost trains in a theme park, going in and out of tunnels and not knowing when or how or even if I would be able to get off.
We asked Charlotta about the stories behind some of our favorite songs on See How The Light Falls.
Final Call

Charlotta Perers: "When I listen to it now I remember my room at the hospital, the leaves moving outside the window, the nurses coming in and out and that special sound of the door which gave a little squeak every time someone opened it."
Let Love In

Charlotta Perers: "When I wrote this song, I desperately longed for connection, for openness. I thought a lot about the unsaid. All the words that I constantly avoided, held back, and how they slowly created a wall between me and others. As if I was under water, looking at the sun through the surface. And I finally realised that I was the one stopping myself. So, I think subconsciously I wrote this song to push myself off that cliff. To let love in.

We made a short film to this song with Skånes Dansteater, a Swedish independent dance company."

Charlotta Perers: "I've been thinking a lot about our need for control, how we justify the use of violence to create order. And my part in that order. We're often so good at rationally explaining and justifying our actions that we end up convincing ourselves that we had no other choice. Maybe we didn't. But the heart never forgets the eyes of the one we have betrayed. The heart never forgets.

If you haven't already, I really recommend that you check out the video that we made for this song. It's strange, but I almost feel as if the song wasn't truly finished, until that video was made."
Sad Eyes

Charlotta Perers: "Some songs almost write themselves. It happens quite rarely for me, but 'Sad Eyes' was that kind of song. Even though it's directed towards a "you", a "someone", I think it's just as much written to anyone; myself included."
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