Shadi G's Mix of R&B and Persian Tradition Is Astonishing
Shadi G is a Swedish songwriter, producer and singer with a hauntingly gentle and sensual voice. She has created a unique brand of music that incorporates elements from R&B, experimental electronica and Persian tradition. On her latest single "Mitoone" she goes one step further, singing most of the lyrics in Persian.

Shadi G
This song is the ultimate conversation with oneself, through others. In Persian it's describing how "behind every reaction lies a lifetime of accumulated experiences". Through finding compassion and understanding for yourself, you will find that same understanding towards others.

When making music, I love to find that beautiful area where different genres and styles meet. I would say my music to have its base in R&B, but it is then influenced by many different styles that I've been inspired by growing up. And with my parents both being from Iran, Persian culture and music has been a big part of my life. And quite early when I started making music it was important to me to also represent some of this part of me, either in style and musical elements or lyrics. And in some of my songs there is some small part with Persian lyrics incorporated as well.

When it came to Mitoone I wanted to flip that whole thing around, and make a song mostly in Persian, and with a small part in English.
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