PREMIERE. Stain of Light – I Wanna Save The World
Stain of Light, a duo based in Yverdon-Les-Bains, Switzerland, are back with new EP Looking for Each Other. The lead single from the EP is I Wanna Save The World. The song features a simple but heart-warming harmony and a catchy melody. The track's intimate multi-tracked vocals are set against an ambient yet epic-sounding soundscape that builds so gradually that the breathtaking climactic finale feels like coming home.

The band cite Billie Eilish and M83 as influences, which makes sense, as the former is known for combining intimate vocals with epic yet minimalistic production. They also say the song would sound best "on the train, in the evening, looking at a beautiful and nostalgic landscape". Read the band's comment about the song and its video.

Stain of Light
With this song we wanted to create a constant and gradual rise to the climax of the track to convey the anguish of the lyrics. We recorded our voices a lot of times to create that feeling of a crowd. The lyrics are about the fear of the future that our generation can feel sometimes. But don't forget to watch the music video until the very end, there is always hope.

It's a song to listen to when you're sad and you want to dive into that feeling Sometimes, accepting our feelings makes them easier to surpass.
Make sure to also listen to the whole EP.