tired up's "Ice Cream Lips" Is Sweet and Dreamy
tired up is a dream pop band from Saint Petersburg, Russia. On their new track "Ice Cream Lips" they make use of subtle noise textures, washed-out guitars and heavy reverberation to create a sweet and hazy atmosphere. It certainly didn't hurt that the mixing was handled by Sasha Pyankov from one of Russia's best psychedelic bands Gnoomes. But probably the most engaging thing about the song is Katerina Boretskaya's gentle vocals. We asked her to tell us about the writing process.

Katerina Boretskaya
Once our guitarist Bulat and I were lying on the sofa and thinking of the concept of a new track. I was probably eating the third ice cream of the day at that moment, so we originally decided to make it the main subject of the song.

Making the song sound perfect turned out to be pretty labour-intensive. But after a few months of stagnation we settled on what we got in the end. We really wanted to get a finished recording for the new year and sent the track to Sasha Pyankov from Gnoomes for mixing, it turned out very cool.

When my parents heard the long-awaited song, they were indignant because of the "noise and poor quality of the recording." It was difficult to explain that noise is one of the most important components of shoegaze, so we just made a separate recording for relatives, where the vocals are heard more clearly and the noise is not so highlighted. That's it!
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