Acid Minerale Never Stops Surprising
After releasing "Zver", an EP of ironic post-acid bangers sung and rapped in Russian and Tatar that included the TikTok hit "Blinochki", Acid Minerale goes African. "Utopia" is a collaboration with Toussa, a rapper from Senegal known for her energetic style combining influences from hip-hop, pop music and the poetry of West African women called Taasu.

Mitya Burmistrov
The man behind the mask
I met Toussa in 2013 at the OneBeat residence in America. We were on tour and stopped at some cool studio in Durham. We were given those crazy samples (Ethiopian violin playing and Ethiopian soccer fans singing – that's where the track name came from) and challenged ourselves to make a beat in 15 minutes. I opened my laptop, made like 80% of the track and Toussa went to the vocal booth and recorded her freestyle. I love remembering that moment, because everything in the music world was so new and inspiring to me (still is).

Toussa raps in Wolof, she is from Dakar, Senegal. I uploaded a demo of the track 3 years ago and even had a few letters from lovely labels, but nothing worked out. So I decided to finally finish and upload the track on my own.

The weirdest thing is that I haven't been able to get in touch with Toussa for several months now and literally no one knows where she is. I check her social media, but nothing there. I hope she's fine and just detoxing her talented self from the digital world.

You're right, the track sounds much crazier and less acid than my debute EP. That's because I make a lot of weird stuff and release it in sound-alike groups. If the "ZVER" EP was 125-135 bpm acid four-on-the-floor bangers, this time I wanna try something new. Crazy ethnic 100-170 bpm bangers sound fun!
Toussa and Mitya
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