Una Sand's "What's a Girl to Do?" Is a Smooth R&B Jam That Tries to Bring Back the 90s
"What's a Girl to Do?" is a new sweet and smooth R&B jam from Una Sand, a young artist and songwriter from Oslo, Norway. It's a 90s R&B inspired piece made in collaboration with Wafande, Jonas Rendbo and Thomas Leholt in Copenhagen.
Una Sand:

We were actually in the studio that day just to record some extra vocals for a different song, before I was gonna head to the airport. Surprisingly, we found ourselves a few hours later having written and recorded the song. The melody and text just kinda fell into place, and everything felt right from beginning to end.

We asked Una about her influences and inspirations behind "What's a Girl to Do?"
— Can you name any artists or songs in particular that inspired or shaped the release sonically? What were you listening to when you decided to take this direction for the songs?
— There's a lot of songs and artists that have shaped me, everything from Ne-Yo, to Sade, to Ella Mai etc. But this song happened very organically and smooth. I know I was listening a lot to a chill R&B list I had made at the time with a lot of good 90s songs in it.
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