"Want You" by Mira Lu Kovacs Is Playful But Dark
Mira Lu Kovacs's latest single evokes the feeling of desperately seeking for comfort. It speaks of enjoying and hating your desire and the anxiety that comes with it at the same time. The track has a playful groove, but it comes with dark undertones. We asked Mira to tell us how she came up with such an interesting tune.

Mira Lu Kovacs
WANT YOU is about setting yourself free and it screams at you: "Stop playing tricks on yourself!". "I want to not to want you" refers to the feeling that sometimes you think everything will fall into place, once you just stop wanting it (or someone) so badly. This sort of a blame game in the back of your mind turns out to be rather stupid and blocking.

Like most of the songs on my new album "What Else Can Break", I recorded "Want You" at home, literally in my bedroom. It likely stands as a symbol for 2020. If there was any upside to this odd year, it was being forced to have more time. While I'm usually on the road a lot, touring with different projects, I had the chance – and almost duty – to force myself into work mode and focus on songs like these.

While this song musically is probably the most playful one on the album, the lyrics stick with the darkness of the rest of the songs. It's a love song that doesn't want to be in love with the recipient. Because it doesn't feel good. Because the dynamic is off. It's as if the song is trying to get back in a groove after this toxic back and forth...